Why this time is different…

In the past, I have run for the school board simply because I wanted to serve my community and I believed that I could make a positive contribution. This time, my motivations have expanded. I still believe that I will be an effective member of the board.

However, I believe that the current board is in need of a major changing of the guard. I have carefully observed the board for years, personally witnessing countless meetings with no public discussion or critical debate. For years, board members have not asked obvious questions like, “How will this impact our students? Is it worth the cost or can this money be better used elsewhere? What are the alternatives and what are the tradeoffs? What more can we do to improve?” Either these questions are being asked privately, or they are simply not being asked at all. Either option is not good!

It is also remarkable that in the past six years, at least, there has not been a single non-unanimous vote by the board. This is a huge red flag that the board is not functioning as a representative body of our community.

We need new board members that are energized and engaged. We need new board members that will ask difficult questions and listen to parents, students, teachers, and administrators. We need new board members that will challenge one another and work hard to find the best solutions. I can and will be one of those members.

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