How to Help

I am so grateful when supporters ask how they can help. Any campaign, whether large or small, is a daunting process and help is always welcome. There are many ways that you can support my campaign.

  • Share my website and Facebook page on social media.
  • Interact with my social media posts as much as possible. Every like, share, comment, or reply causes Facebook to put my posts in other people’s news feeds. Just a quick comment can make a big difference.
  • Make a donation online. Your contribution, big or small, will help me spread my message!
  • Request a yard sign. Also, ask your friends if I can place a yard sign!
  • Write a letter of support to the Mahomet Citizen or Mahomet Daily.
    • For the Mahomet Citizen, send letters via email to
      • Letters must be 300 or fewer words.
      • They are due by noon on the Monday prior to the date of publication.
      • You must include your first and last names, city of residence, and phone number (phone number is not published, but used to check that you wrote the letter).
    • For the Mahomet Daily, send letters via email to
      • Letters may be any length, but 500-700 words is suggested.
      • They will be published 24 hours after they are received.
      • You must include your full name.
  • Write a social media post expressing your support for my campaign.
  • Attend one of my events and bring a friend!
  • Encourage your friends to vote on April 2nd!
  • Sign up to volunteer for canvassing or other events using the form below.

Volunteer List Signup


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